Going Green Together Strategy

Environmental, Social and Governance

 'Going Green Together'

As a Charity, the Mortimer society has the same responsibilities as any business, to consider the impact we have on the local environment and ultimately on Climate Change. We care for 52 residents and employ 140 people between Birling and Frindsbury House and are keen to implement changes to improve our own environmental efficiency but also to reduce our impact on the local environment.

Trustees have received training in the  ‘Going Green Together’ initiative in order to plan how it could work in our organisation. As the initiative ‘Together’ suggests, we want the opportunity to learn what we can do to influence change as an organisation but also to get everybody thinking about what we can do as individuals within our own homes.

We have already carried out surveys on the windows and doors in both buildings, to minimise heat loss and sought quotes to carry out this work. A roof insulation survey has also been planned for both buildings as we are aware that this also needs to be improved.
 A laundry survey has taken place to look at energy use, the products we use and the type of machines we currently have. A review of the heating systems in both homes is planned to see if we can improve efficiency and reduce future maintenance costs. All these surveys will help us to prioritise works on our  ‘Going Green Together’ action plan.

Finally, Birling House has been taking part in a business recycling initiative set up by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council. This has involved sorting our waste into more specialist bins, which are then weighed in order to assess the impact of the changes. Figures for this initiative will be published in March.

Regular updates here will chart our progress and the challenges we face.