Working with us - A Career in Care


You can make a difference

When working at the Mortimer Society you will make a difference to people’s lives every single day, and they’ll make a difference to yours too. The most important qualities that our care staff need to possess is that they are able to treat others with respect and kindness, listen to their needs and are passionate about helping.  

The people we care for have complex and individual needs and we pride ourselves that care is delivered with that person’s wishes and choices at the centre of all we do.

Learn new skills and achieve qualifications

We regard care as a career of choice and actively support the development of each person on the staff team. There are many roles which do not require the individual to hold formal qualifications but we can support you to achieve those goals, should you wish, whilst working for the Society.

The most essential characteristics to possess are kindness and compassion for others and the desire to make a difference to peoples’ lives. Of course, a career in care isn’t for everyone. But, just like every other job you can think of, nobody really knows that for certain until they try it. This is one of the reasons why we provide training including the nationally recognised Care Certificate qualification as a minimum to staff that are new to care.  

There's a role for you at the Mortimer Society

Care work provides a genuine opportunity for everyone with the right values and approach to have a rewarding career in the care profession. There are lots of different roles at the Mortimer Society depending on what you want to do, who you want to work with and where you’d like to work. If you’re passionate about helping others, you’ve already got what it takes to get started. With a variety of different jobs available, there’s bound to be one that suits you, and we can help you find it. 

The Mortimer Society’s flexible approach for a modern workforce

Our staff team are our most valuable asset and without their kindness, skills and compassion we would not be able to provide the high quality, person centred care to all our residents in both Homes.

We encourage all our staff team to maintain a good work-life balance by our flexibility and individuality of approach to people’s circumstances.  Staff are valued personally and professionally and support is given individually by a named manager so each employee has immediate accesses to guidance and help if they need it.

During the last year the care profession has rightly received many plaudits and earned respect across the UK and we intend that this sense of value for the profession continues to grow - starting with our own staff team.

So, if you’re still thinking of a career in care, why not send us your CV and take that first, tentative step right now? Our latest job vacancies are available here, and you can also call our recruitment team at the Mortimer Society to speak to a member of staff for more information or just a chat.

We would love to hear from you.


Elisha Tanser

Recruitment Advisor